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How to have fun & style on a budget!

I believe we must live life to the fullest.  This is me doing that by taking a negative and spinning it into a positive.  Fun, fashion, & style on a budget.  That's my style!  Join me!

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Simple Button Rings

Created my first 2 button rings. I've collected buttons for years. Decided to make some jewelry out of them. The technique is not...

Solo hiking.

Doubled the miles from the last hike. Enjoyed this one tremendously! Sunshine, trees, and "soloness" with my earbuds in. ✌🏼❤️🥾

Enjoy the sunshine!

I wasn't feeling like hiking but wanted some more nature. So I took a quick jaunt around Cox Arboretum on the brick path. Wasn't...

When in Rome…

While in Columbus for an appointment, I made a point to attend the Columbus Museum of Art for $5 Thursdays. Never miss an opportunity to...


Some days you just need some self-care. Take care of yourself however you need. For me, it's getting cozy comfy, snuggling up on the...

Nooooooo, Do Jo!

I understand and have been party to pain for fashion but this right here....hell no! The amount of time, pain, and uncomfortableness...

Wednesday for the rest.

Today is a rest day. Today I will nap, relax, create, pamper, and eat. Today will be a good day. Not productive but restful. ✌🏼💙

Free Admission!

Yes it was free but it was waaaaay more than just that…it brought peace and joy to my soul. Priceless! Spent a good 2 hours walking...

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I'm mostly peace, love, & light...

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